Awakened Love

Angel sighed and closed her eyes, letting the warm water run over her body. She let the water sooth out the aches in her shoulders and back and then grumbled as the alarm in her room went off. Climbing out of the bathtub, she dried herself off and slipped into a fuzzy old robe. She dried and brushed out her hair until it shown like the night sky. Afterwards she pulled her hair up and curled it, leaving two strands falling softly around her face. She looked into the mirror and gave herself a goofy smile and stuck her tounge out at her reflection. Sheesh, that was mature Angel. she thought to herself and laughed. Just then the phone rang, she and ran to pick it up.


"Hey Angel, it's Sarah, are you going to come over after you're ready?"

"Yup, I'll be over there in about half and hour to and hour."

"Okay. See you later."

Angel hung the phone up and took her dress off the hanger. It was made out of a satiny soft material. The dress was sleevless and fashioned like those in the 18th century. The material flowed around her in a deep red wine colored cloud. She put it on and smiled. I may not look like a princess, but at least I can feel like one for a night. She sprayed some perfume on and put a little makeup on and then grabbed her dance ticket, purse, and money. Quickly slipped into her shoes and got into her car. My Heart Will Go On came on the radio and Angel sang along. When she stopped at a stop light she heard someone call out.

"Hey Babe! How 'bout you and me seeing if we can make something special happen?" A guy yelled from the car next to her. She recognized him from school, Stan, he always complained about every little thing. Not to mention, he acted like he was God's gift to women.

"In your dreams!" she yelled back and sped off as the light turned green. "Jerk" she muttered under her breath. Angel calmed down by the time she arrived at Sara's house and had forgotten about the guy.

"Hey Angel, you look great!" cried Sarah when she opened the door. "No, my hair looks kinda funny, but you look gorgeous, Michael's going to fall in love with you all over again." said Angel with a faint smile.

"Hey Angel, Hey Sarah! You guys look so pretty!" shouted two voices from behind. Angel turned around and waved, "You guys look great too! How's it going Liz? Eve?" The four of them stood there talking for awhile waiting for the guys to show up.

"Whoooaaa, have you seen such beautiful women in you life guys?" whistled a masculine voice.

"Only in heaven Michael...I didn't know Angel's flew so low." grinned George, winking at Angel. She laughed back at him. "You guys are such flirts."

"Us?!!! Never! Well maybe they are, I'm a perfect gentleman." said John in a mock English voice. Eve punched him in the arm. "HA! Yeah right. Is that why you're always teasing me?"

The seven of them talked awhile longer, then headed out for dinner and the dance. Sigh. I wish I had someone like the way Sarah and Michael have each other. Ah, well I can wait I suppose. I have what, another 70-80 years. Tonight I'm going to have fun and relax. Angel picked up her spirits and followed her friends and their dates, dancing the night away. After the dance was over, they stood around a little trying to decide what to do.

"Why don't we crash at my house, my parents are out of town for the weekend." suggested Angel. Everyone agreed and headed out to the parking lot. A light rain began to fall softly. Angel let the rain fall against her face, cooling her down.

"Hey Baby, don't I know you from somewhere? Why don't you and I get to know each other better..heh heh" slurred a voice that seemed very familiar. Angel turned to see Stan standing there. "Leave me alone.." Sarah and Michael took a step forward. But Stan just stood there with a stupid look on his face.

"Oh c'mon Babe, you know you want me..." David took a step forward and slid his arm around Angel's waist. Before Angel could push him away, she felt a wind blow by her. Next thing she knew Stan was up in the air.

"The lady asked you to leave her alone and for your health I recommend obeying her." A tall figure was holding David up by the shirt. All Stan could do was stare at him with wides eyes and stutter a "ooo-o-kk". As soon as Stan's feet touched the ground he took off.

The man turned to Angel, "Excuse me miss, are you...." His voice died when he saw Angel's face. Angel looked back at the man and gasped, clutching her chest. lost...blood...centuries..."i can't.."..forver Her mind was racing and her heart beat faster, all she could do was whisper "..Adam.."

Angel stood there, staring at him, centuries old memories flooded back into her mind. Tears started to fall down her face. "..why..? why did you come back?" she asked, her voice trembling. "Why?! why?!" her voice grew louder and steadier.

"Angel, I didn't mean to, I swear it, I didn't mean to... you must believe me." Adam reached out for her.

"No.." She stepped back. God, I want him to hold me, to protect me, to save me, like he did so long ago. Angel stood there trembling.

"Angel..please.." he whispered, stepping towards her again. This time she let him hold her and fell into his arms, crying. Her friends stood there, staring, confused. Sarah finally found her voice. "Angel? What's going on?"

"Let's go back to my house first.." sighed Angel. "I'll go with Adam." They broke up and started to head for Angel's house. Adam led Angel to his car, a black Corvette. "You would be driving something nice and fast." Angel said trying to lighten the mood.

Adam smiled and answered, "Always." They got in and headed for Angel's house. Both of them sat in silence for a minute, before Adam quietly said. "I've missed you." Angel looked down at her hands in her lap and didn't say anything. After another few minutes Adam asked. "Why won't you say anything to me?"

"What am I supposed to say? You know I love you, but we can never be together. And now you come and awaken me again?" Angel said softly. he knows he hurts me. he why? the odd's of him being there at the same time and the same place in the entire world! Angel put her hand up and wiped away a tear that began to fall.

Angel made some hot cocoa when they arrived. The eight of them sat down in the living room. Angel looked at them and cleared her throat.

"Well I guess I better start from the beginning. My soul is about 300 years old, I've lived 3 lifetimes so far, this is my fourth. After I live one life, I die and then I'm reborn again, I don't know if everyone follows this, I only know that I do. However, when I'm reborn I don't remember my past life. But I'm getting ahead of myself. In my first life, I fell in love with Adam. But we couldn't be together forever so I left him and lived the rest of my life and died. Then when I was reborn again, I had no recollection of my past life, until Adam showed up one day and when I saw him..I..the only way to describe it is that...I was awakened and my past life memories flooded into my head. But again I couldn't be with him, so I left and died and was reborn again. Again this time I didn't remember what had happened. But somehow Adam tracked me down again. Only this time I couldn't take the pain anymore. I could never be with him and I made him promise me to never search for me again, to let me live a life without the hurt and pain. And so here I am now, once more awakened..."

There was a long silence before Sarah asked. "So Adam is reborn evertime and everytime he searches for you?" Then Michael asked. "Why can't you two be together now?"

Angel looked at Adam and he nodded. "No, he's not reborn each time and the reason for that and the reason why we can't be together is the same.."

"Adam's a vampire.."

Angel's friends gasped and looked at Adam, Liz backed up a little.

"It's alright I won't hurt you. I don't kill or bite humans anymore." he smiled, and thought to himself, no matter how many times i say it, it still sounds stupid.

Eve looked slightly pale. "..anymore?.." Sarah looked a bit scared and got closer to Michael who put his arm around her.

Angel felt so tired all of a sudden and looked at her friends. Please don't turn away from me...please.. "Well if Angel trusts him, I don't see why we can't." said George. Angel looked at him and relaxed a little. Thanks George.

"That's true. Well I guess a friend of Angel's is a friend of mine." said Sarah. They all laughed a little at the overused line and things seemed to relax more. Angel looked at the clock and suggested that they all just sleep over since it was already pretty late. The eight of them spent the rest of the night talking until Adam had to leave.

Angel walked him to his car, "I love you Adam." Adam looked in Angel's eyes. "I love you too" He kissed her softly, got in his car and left after promising to see her the next night. She watched until his car disappeared into the night. She looked up at the moon and the stars, Am I happy now? Is this what I wanted? No answer came to her, her heart felt so confused and her emotions were fighting each other. She sighed and went back inside.

The next night Angel spent talking to Adam. She told him of everything that had been happening to her. Her life, how it was going. He describe how the times had changed and the things he had seen. Then he took a box out of his pocket.

"For you..." Angel opened the box and gasped. Inside was a necklace with a heart and a cross on it. She took it out and held it up to the light.

"It's beautiful.." She put it on immediately and kissed Adam. "Thank you."

"I saw it sitting in a store and thought of you. I've been carrying it around for years." Angel smiled. I do need him, but what am I going to do when he asks me again... "Come on, I want to show you something." They got into Adam's car and started to drive around. Angel stared out the window for awhile, then fell asleep.

Next thing she knew, Adam was waking her up. She yawned, she found herself sitting on top of a blanket. "Look up." he said. She looked up and gasped. The sky seemed to stretch on for miles and the only light shining was that of the thousands of stars and the moon smiling down upon them. She closed her eyes and let the summer breeze flow around her. She felt like she was flying, away from her body, away from her pain. I'm free....

"Angel...I don't know if I can live without you anymore...i need you..come with me..please.." His voice broke through her dream. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at Adam, he knew her answer even before she spoke. "You know I can't. I can't live your life, without the sun I would die. I'm sorry...."

Tears welled up in her eyes. He knew what she was going to say, she had said it everytime he had asked. He nodded, "Don't worry my heart, I understand.." He held her closer and they sat there for a few more hours. Not needing to say a word, just watching the sky in each others arms. Finally, before the sun rose, Adam dropped Angel back at her house and headed to sleep for the day. As Angel watched him leave she thought to herself i said i can't live his life, without the sun, with that incurable thirst for blood...but can i live without him... A tear slowly trickled down her face and she hugged herself and went back inside. As she slept, Angel dreamed of vampires, of night, and blood. She saw herself becoming one, living with Adam, protected by him. She woke up around 2 in the afternoon and just sat there on her bed, thinking. Finally she stretched and went about her day, procrastinating. She was graduating that year and was already accepted to a fine university so she figured just do enough to keep her grades up.

The rest of the year went by quickly. Angel spend time with her friends and Adam and time soon found it's way into August. Her friends had gotten used to the fact that Adam was a vampire and treated him like one of the group.

Angel was throwing one last party before she left for college.