The Last Unicorn

This is one of my favorite movies. It's a little old, don't know if any of you have seen it before. If you want to know more, keep reading. =)

Amalthea is a unicorn, the last unicorn to be exact. For some reason all her kind have disappeared.
She sets out to find more of her kind, along the way she makes two new human friends. Schmendrick, a "magician" whose magic only works..sometimes. And Molly, a kind gentle woman who helps Amalthea.
As they travel, Amalthea tells Schmendrick many things and together they learn about strength and love.
While they're traveling they encounter many things, especially a red bull, who goes after Amalthea.
Schmendrick tries to save her and casts a spell, changing her to a human form.
They travel to a castle, where a prince (Lir) lives (still trying to find his pic) and stay there awhile. The castle is owned by Haggard, an old man with a dark past. While there, Amalthea slowly becomes more and more human, slowly falling in love with Lir.
Earlier the three learned that Haggard is the one who sends the red bull out. Long ago he had the bull chase all the unicorns into the ocean, because he loved to watch them in the waves. Haggard can see that Amalthea is really a unicorn and now he's after the Last Unicorn.
She realizes she must fight the bull to free her kind. Finding strength within herself is difficult. Because she had become so human, part of her wanted to just run off with Lir and forget about being a unicorn.
But the bull knows now, that Amalthea is a unicorn and goes after her again. She defeats the bull with Lir's help and pushes the bull into the ocean freeing the hundreds and thousands of unicorns that had been trapped in the waves.
In the end Amalthea loves Lir, but she can never be with him. One thing changed her forever though. She learned to regret...when unicorns could never regret.

More to come. Not sure if this is quite accurate. Trying to find the movie so I can buy it.