i sit here and scream

only you can't hear me

my tears fall

silently forgotten

you see me

you don't see me

i watch the world die

but it's still there

going on as it always will

moving quickly

moving slowly

lost pain found again

buried deep inside the heart

block out the hurt

stop the pain

catch me

where are you?

why am i alone

yet not alone

i almost told you what was wrong

but i stopped myself

too ashamed

too scared

save me..please and don't

is this to make me strong

i want to fall

yet i stand unwavering on the outside

slowly suffocating inside

i want to be saved

i want to be strong

which path do i follow

what choice to i make

fall into darkness

or fight to stay in the light

i don't know......

look into my eyes

see deep inside

feel what i feel

i want you to see

i want you to save me

look in my heart

take the pain away

i'm drowning

no longer expecting

no longer hoping

maybe that will stop the pain

but that in itself is a hope

it's a circle

that drags me deeper into myself

the light scares me

they tell me i must fight

but how..how can i fight what must be

i lose myself in my dreams

no longer in touch with what is real

hoping the unreal come true

knowing it won't

only being hurt by myself

causing pain to myself

hoping, not hoping

it's all becoming the same thing


again there's the cry for someone

to save me...is that what i really want

i want someone to catch me

to save me

but i'm afraid i'll only become a burden

afraid i'll hurt them

afriad they'll leave me

like everything else

i feel like i'm dying

it doesn't hurt

i'm not scared

maybe it's because i'm really not

but my heart is...

my soul no longer screams

it cries..sobbing in the dark

i've changed

no longer the sunlight...

i am the starlight..the night encloses me

and i reach out

hoping to touch something

to awaken once again...