Sussex Uni Life

Hi Kristine!

Matt with dreds as we're cleaning up the Christmas decorations.

We seem to like dressing up in the house.. there's a picture of theo downstairs in drag.. lovely.

He's always been there for me, everytime I'm going nuts to remind me that I'm crazy and to hug me.

Typical Theo dress :) haha. Such a cynic but I love him to pieces.

Tilly's always been there for me too. Especially with my grandfather's death.. and some other things.

Dressing up again.. yeah sporty tilly!

This was inspired by a film on Columbian resistance through hip hop.. Resistencia.

Needed an outlet for homesickness and other stuff and just got inspiration while I was here.

So I started painting and doing more photography.. when I found out there was a photo society and darkroom.

My boyfriend Trevor! I think he's dying though.. yikes.

My Room!

Matt got me involved in this thing called 'Culture Move'. We bring in disadvantaged students and give them free education.

We teach them all sorts of stuff, related to hip hop and urban culture and different ways to express themselves.

So I got to share my photography knowledge with students, it was great!

Autumn outside my window.


The moon.. :)

SNOW! Winter! OMG.. so this is what seasons look like.

King George's summer palace, Indian on the outside and Chinese on the inside.. amazingly.. um.. MUCH.

Really pretty at night though.

Haven't been inside, but it's really pretty outside, under reconstruction.

All white and the tackiest pier ever, I love it! Games and Rides and Fish and Chips and food.

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