Sussex Uni Life

Sinead's family - the Bell's own a Christmas supply warehouse. :D So we got wicked decorations from Father Bell.

It took us a loooong while, a lot of rope and cooperation to get these lights and giant figures up.

Being away from home for Christmas isn't easy, so us UC ppl had a gift exchange and a potluck!


and Beanies were a big thing.. it being cold and all.

Of course, we were thankful for what we had and were thinking of people elsewhere as well this Christmas..

We'd thought we'd get silly and put newspaper all over the door and wait for someone to walk through.. we were waiting a loong time.

Matt.. I mean Mos Def, a definate gentleman and sweetheart. One of the guys I'm most comfortable with and gotta love his taste in music. :)

Oh Ryan.. :)

That's Kristine! She's from UCLA and one of my closest friends at Sussex, we've gone through practically everything together, don't know what I'd do without her.

Smoking hookah, flavored tobacco, not as much as a cigarette and quite relaxing.

Tilly and Noelle dressed up in Tilly's colorful clothes (she's got amazing style all her own) and well.. were clowns.

Petey, the baby of the house was the only 18 year old.. turned 19 January 26th. Theo's was Feb. 10th.. can't find his photos at this point, still looking.

That's Shoko behind the newspaper :) She's from Japan, really sweet and always thinking of others. Silly at times. hehe.

Hailin's Birfday dinner!

Clubbing after dinner at Event 2 with the Beatnuts and Rhazel. awww yeah. Love the music scene here!

Somehow me and Matt got onto a baking kick and this is our crew 'blending' the oatmeal b/c we don't have a blender.

Matt turned 20 on Feb. 28th. Good times good times. We cooked a huge meal (YUM!) and tons of ppl came to kick it.

Uh oh.. Alchie alert.

Oh Ryan.. dressed up as a pimp to go to a party.. scary.. very scary.

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