Sussex Uni Life

Imagine four girls with a ton of luggage.. especially me trying to make it to a campus we had never seen.

International Student dance.. lame.. but we made it a good time.

Peter was one of the guys I almost felt instantly comfortable with and Tilly has always been there for me when my life was going crazy.

Noelle was the second person I met and one of the warmest people I've ever known and the first time I heard Theo was in the shower.. haha!.. Oh we were going to have good times.

One of the first bonding times I had with my housemates was walking on the downs and there were definately more walks to follow.

We've had loads of fun times with this dirty pond.. :) Especially in the winter when was frozen over.

The bad thing about Park Village.. no common area.. so we sat in the landings. Four rooms to a floor, three floors, two kitchens and one bathroom.

Not to mention.. their first floor would be our American second floor.. the first to them is the Ground floor.. crazy British!

Sinead is one of the most giving people I've ever met and silly as well. :)

Ryan is extremely graceful for his heigh.. and he is tall and skinny. I love how he sees the world.. although he may have some help sometimes..

This night was one of the funnest nights ever, I was feeling homesick, but being able to kick it and chill was really nice.

There are 5 bars I think.. maybe a few more and one club on campus. East Slope was the 'happening' one usually.

Ahh.. British pub culture.. interesting. An no I still haven't learned to drink. But wine and cranberry juice is awfully nice.

Sinead got a free popcorn popper.. we decided to test it out.. yum!

There are such amazing cooks in the house that I've been cooking way more.. yay for Chinese food!

Us Asian Californian's were missing our Chinese food.

EAP threw a thanksgiving meal (or as Matt likes to call it.. "Holiday Hell Day-Naz") for us.. yum! Turkey, stuffing, veg, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce and PUMPKIN PIE!

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