The beginning of my Spring Break started in Mallorca, where I went from pasty white, back to 'California colored'. Haha.. Oh how I miss the sun.

Joy and Kristine under a 'hut'. Joy's from UCI too!

I love the sun.. I can't live without it and the sunsets are amazing here!

Not sure what I'm dreaming about, but as far as I remember.. it wasn't nice. Kris and Joy took the photo.

On a train to a small, old fashioned town called Soller, beautiful train ride.

Their first sangria on this trip! Me and my water were just fine.

Yay! NO War signs were in quite a few windows and off balcony's in Mallorca.

The main cathedral on the island, really pretty. Didn't go inside though.

Kicked it on the beaches!! AHHH Real Sand! Sun! (Some warmth haha.) And Blue blue water.

Our hotel room, really nice and a good deal!

We found these cookies, Kris found them actually, she's Philipino.. so apparently in Spain Philipinos are round, chocolate covered cookies (white on the inside).

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