What was once under the floor of the Colleseum.

The Forum next to the Colleseum - old Roman Ruins of the old political centers of Rome.

Victor Emmanuel Monument.. it's a giant white marble structure.. in the middle of a modern/old city.

Trevi fountain at night. :)

Boca di Verite - Mouth of Truth and my brother

Supposedly if you tell a lie w/ your hand in its mouth it will shut on your hand..ouch.

St. Peter's Church in the Vatican City - incredible, world's biggest church.

It is also home to the tombs of the pervious popes.

My mom and dad at the top of St. Peter's dome, done by Michaelangelo as well.

St. Peter's remains lay in rest in the church.

It's beautiful inside, housing Michaelangelo's Pieta.

Me and baby bro.

Center Alter piece in St. Peter's Church

The Pantheon - not sure what it is.. church? meetin place? has a dome w/ a hole. :)

Mom and Dad in front of the Fountain of Rivers.

Fountain of Rivers.

Streets of Sienna.. old town.

Church inside Sienna, really nice on the outside.

Stained glass window of the last supper, amazing.

Beetlejuice.. Beetlejuice... there were busts of dead priests lining the top of the walls.. creeeepy.

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