Cinque Terre means five lands and there's five cities, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manorola and Riogiamorre.

Manarola - the smallest town, I stayed at a nice hostel there.

Corniglia train station view from the hike between Manarola and Corniglia.

They are towns that lived off the land, making wine and producing fruit and oils. Since they're built into the sides of mountains, farmers created walls and layers in the mountains to grow their produce.


Monterosso.. nice beaches. :) It was sunny and I took a nap on the beach.

Vernazza was a really sweet, nice town - one of my favourites out of the five.

The view from Vernazza, you can see Monterosso in the background. If you were on a boat going along the coast you'd see all five cities set into the hills.

Corniglia and Manarola in the background.

View along lover's walk.. which I took alone and got laughed at by some Italian construction men..grrr.

One of the two main bridges in Venice that cross the Grand Canal.

Piazza San Marco, the biggest Piazza there.. tons of pigeons.. scary.. crap all over the place.. oh the big doo doo on the bottom right is my brother. :)

Took a rather expensive gondola ride.. but you have too! It's Venice!

The Rialto bridge, the other main bridge to cross the Grand Canal - leads to a cool market place.

Bridge of Sighs, took prisoners from sentencing to the jail cells.

The front of the Doge Palace, center of politics, look familiar.. The Venetian Vegas?

One of the many churches in Venice, dedicated to the Virgin Mary for sparing the city from the plague.

Jon in a water taxi! Whoo hoo!

The Duomo in Florence, has the first Dome in Europe.. it's huge!

The owner of the Pandimonio.. an amazing family owned restaurant.. some of the best desserts I have ever had.. mmmmmmm.

Naples was a bit scary.. but there's Mt. Vesuvius on the right, went to Pompei as well.. strange.

Roman Colleseum :)

There's a stray dog running around in there and they're still trying to catch him. Along w/ a bunch of cats.

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